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Tell me...

  • Do you cut back on sleep so that you can squeeze in all the tasks of a busy life?
  • Have you ever lain awake in the middle of the night because your “monkey-mind” was racing and preventing you from falling asleep?
  • Do you often wake up worn out even before you have even started your day?
  • Did you struggle with lagging energy as the day moves on?
  • Have you ever made poor food choices because you just feel worn out mentally?

I can completely relate.

I am a former desperate non-sleeper who was severely ill for 7.5 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Now I am completely healthy and thriving after applying the three simple skills I teach in the Sleep Well Tonight Personal Workbook.

I want that for you too.  I want you to have abundant energy to get through your day and feel great.

Forty percent of us say that we cut down on our sleep when pressed for time. Are you part of that group?  This decision increases your risk of infection, immune dysfunction, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and mental disorders.

Consider your health at the moment, and imagine what it will be like in one, two, five or ten years from now if your present sleep patterns continue.

The good news is that sleep is a partially learned behavior, and with a few simple techniques, your ability to sleep well will improve, in spite of troubling symptoms and typical daily stresses.

I want you to know that it’s possible to overcome insomnia and fatigue even if you haven’t had success in the past.  It’s time now for a successful change!

I am confident I can help you.
I know because I lived it.

Back in 1993, I was happy and thriving, and I thought the world was at my fingertips.  I was energetic, fit, and strong, had just completed a marathon, and was loving life.  I had a healthy lifestyle (I thought), a great job, a wonderful daughter, a loving relationship, and treasured friends.

Here’s what I realize now.  I never thought about sleep!  It just wasn’t on my radar, because it wasn’t important in my view.  If I got busy and involved with life and needed more time to squeeze all the fun stuff in, I simply stayed up later or got up earlier.  Solved.

This approach made sense, until…

At age 37, I suddenly (not gradually as it is for some) became very ill with flu-like symptoms, and six months later, had a diagnosis of severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Within a year, I also had a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

I was determined to recover, and tried every therapy, met with every specialist and practitioner, and tried every supplement and medication that might help. Eventually, I shifted away from the traditional medical system, seeking refuge in the complementary therapies of acupuncture, bodywork therapies, homeopathy, naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and many more.

But, not only was I not getting better, I was getting worse.     

Although some of these therapies benefitted me somewhat, they just barely helped me cope, and did not lift me out of the depths of pain and fatigue.

But over time, I became clearly aware of three simple actions that made the difference for me, and eventually I achieved a full recovery.


Something about my daily reflective writing was making me feel much better.
I gradually noticed that I no longer needed to rely as much on my health care team; psychologist, massage therapist, chiropractor, and bodyworker.  My symptoms were improving without them!


I started a meditation practice that, over time, helped me become clearer about my habitual thinking and thought patterns.  I began to realize that I was over-focused on disease, and under-focused on health promotion.  That was life-changing!


I focused on being friends with my body, which I thought had betrayed me.  Notice the duality?  Once I began to be on my own team and started nurturing my body with gentle attention instead of criticism, the wise messages of my body pain and fatigue began to penetrate my consciousness.  I used the fabulous Body Scan, developed by Jon Kabatt-Zinn, to help me connect with and appreciate my body.

So the Question Is:

Are you ready to let me help you put insomnia
and sleepless nights behind you for good?

The Sleep Well Tonight Personal Workbook guides you through three simple skills that will help you fall asleep fast and get you back to sleep quickly when you awaken at night.

It’s true that you can continue researching and trying the latest sleep medications or supplements. You can keep coping with your insomnia and sleep deprivation.


You can commit to use the Sleep Well Tonight Personal Workbook and learn about three simple actions that will radically transform the way you think about and practice sleep. You can put these proven, simple practices to work TONIGHT.

I know that when you are tired or in pain, you need a sleep solution that is simple, quick, and requires little energy.  A solution that you can easily accomplish.

That’s why this beautiful, user-friendly workbook delivers only the basic core information and exercises that I know from experience are what you need to achieve noticeable improvements.

After some self-assessments, you will better understand your personal sleep patterns and their relationship to your general health. Then, three simple skills will be introduced that, with focused practice, will improve your sleep over a short period of time. Subsequently, you will begin to notice positive effects in your daily life.

You will use the workbook directly on your computer or electronic device. The writing fields are provided and you can save and print your writing, and reuse again and again. This is a convenient way to have the Sleep Well Tonight Personal Workbook with you every night.

The Sleep Well Tonight Personal Workbook includes:

  • Your Life Satisfaction Assessment
  • A Symptom Checklist
  • Your Vision for Health
  • Clinical Trials Summary on Sleep and Health
  • Your Commitment to Change
  • Your Sleep Assessment Quiz
  • Your Obstacles to Sleeping Well
  • The Three Key Skills: Expressive Writing, The 36 Breaths, The Body Scan
  • Your Action Plan
  • A Resource List
  • A Sleep Diary

Download here and start tonight!


It’s my mission to help people like you improve your health, quality of life, happiness and connection to purpose.

Please join me in feeling better and take action today!

The value of the
Sleep Well Tonight Personal Workbook is GUARANTEED to help you improve your sleep, as early as tonight. If for any reason you don’t achieve the results you want, contact us and we’ll gladly refund your investment up to 30 days from purchase.

“There’s practically no aspect of life

that’s not improved by sleep and, accordingly, 

diminished by lack of sleep.”

Arianna Huffington

About Dr. Chris Carruthers

I feel humbled and grateful to have been able to help thousands of people with heart disease, cancer, and chronic pain improve their sleep through my popular Sleep Well Tonight services.  I am honoured to share that my patients say that I exemplify knowledge, energy, and most of all, compassion.

I am most well-known for my work in integrative cancer care, spirituality, chronic disease, and sleep health.  I have presented at numerous prestigious conferences and my clients encompass educational institutions, healthcare, and the corporate sector.  In all my work, I use the integrative health approach, which combines all the best practices, practitioners, and systems of medicine into a personalized healing plan that honors all aspects of your individuality.

I understand how discouraging and confusing that health issues can be, and I have a deep understanding of chronic pain, energetic dysfunction, and the challenges and gifts inherent in illness.

At the age of 38, in the prime of my family life and career, I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which led me to a broad exploration of complementary therapies and their effective integration with conventional care.  I am delighted that I have now regained optimal health, and my purpose is to share my experience and learning with others.

I have a BSc in Kinesiology, an MSc in Coaching and Exercise Physiology, and a PhD in Integrative Healthcare and Energy Medicine.   The focus of my doctoral research, ”Expressive Writing about Personal Trauma:  Self-Reported Health Changes and Subject Characteristics,” related to health benefits and symptom changes with the deceptively simple and profoundly effective use of expressive writing.

My team and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to improved health, vitality, and fulfilment.