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What If Sleep Deprivation
Is What's Wrong
With Corporation And Families?

Working as a health educator with thousands of people with chronic illness and cancer, Chris noticed that almost all struggling with common symptoms had an underlying sleep disorder.

In the workplace, she also noticed that brilliant, talented employees, young and old, were showing up fatigued and drained.


They were overlooking the cost and risks of poor sleep.

Chris has been delivering programs to corporate, clinical, healthcare and public groups for 30+ years.  You can always completely depend on her to deliver a professional, respectful program that results in meaningful, measurable change.

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Organizations, families and individuals need to wake up!

Think about the impact of a sleepy workforce.  People who are sleep deprived:

  • Make errors
  • Learn slowly and don't retain information well
  • Have trouble making decisions
  • Don't communicate clearly or resolve conflict well
  • Have depressed immune function and miss more work
  • Experience more accidents
  • Have trouble choosing healthy foods and staying active

Employee wellness efforts have focused on nutrition, exercise and stress management for decades, but the key aspect of sleep has been neglected.

Sleep medicine research has definitively clarified that healthy sleep is the factor that underlies successful management of stress, mental clarity for decision-making and handling conflict, and generation of physical energy.

Chris wants you to become more aware of the importance of sleep.

Chris’ special interest is sleep education, but you can book her to speak on a variety of health and wellness topics.

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The Top 10 Reasons
Chris is the Perfect Speaker for Your Event

1. High Impact

People who meet Chris remember her.  And they remember her message.  Your audience will resolve to better manage their health and feel great about being in control and being the best of themselves.

2. Real Actionable Takeaway Value

Your audience will leave with meaningful tools, techniques and resources that they can immediately apply to their personal challenges.

3. Inspiring

Chris knows that each listener has personal issues, questions, and an individual learning style.  Guests will depart the room feeling understood, energized, and more confident than when they entered.

4. Engaging

Chris’ talks are interactive, fun, and entertaining.  When she speaks, people listen.  She leverages her experience, attitude, knowledge and perspective to create possibilities for change in the listener.  Concepts are delivered through stories from real people who experienced better health – not dry professorial directives.

5. Pleasant Visuals

You won’t see dull, text-heavy screens with Chris.  She wants the viewer to enjoy the experience and not feel like they are reading a medical journal.

6. Relatable

Chris is compassionate and empathic, with real-world experience inside the healthcare system both as a service provider and consumer.  She knows the challenges of health management within the workplace and the healthcare system.

7. Unique Perspective

Chris’ approach to improving health has a different and compelling perspective, built from the integration of her conventional healthcare training with her own experience of chronic illness and navigating an exceptional recovery.

8. Easy To Work With

Chris is professional, accommodating, and easy to work with throughout every step of the relationship, from first contact through follow-up.

9. Customized and Relevant

Chris takes the time to learn about your people, organization, and what is most important to you.  Her presentation will be on-point, relevant, and customized to your specific needs.

10. Passionate and Committed to Helping Others

Chris’ mission is to help others feel great about who they are, and feel confident that they can handle anything life brings their way.    

Keynotes, Presentations and Workshops

Chris is recognized for her expertise in sleep health, integrative cancer care, and the relationship between spirituality and health.

She is professionally trained as a speaker and facilitator, and all messages are designed so that people and organizations are inspired to develop their full potential; they are excited to put their plan into action; and they will ultimately achieve clear and meaningful results.

Chris' Most Requested Topics

Spotlight on Sleep: The Four Fundamentals

Sleep is a partially learned skill, and you can be in control of the quality of your sleep. Become more aware of the value and necessity of healthy sleep, and learn three simple skills to assist in gaining maximum sleep benefits.

Full Engagement: Building a Greater Capacity for Life

Energy management, not time management, is the fundamental basis of a full capacity for life. This program will help participants live their life with fulfillment in all areas of meaning. They can stay physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned with purpose each day. This will allow their workplace needs to be met and their maximum contribution to be fully expressed.

Spirituality for Job Satisfaction

Evidence from clinical trials shows that spiritual awareness and practice can improve mental health, symptom management, and workplace engagement. This program was piloted with Alberta Health Services (Calgary Health Region) employees.

Take Action NOW to Decrease Your Risk of Cancer

The current Canadian Cancer Society data states that one in three Canadians will have cancer during their lifetime, and that about one-third of 12 major cancers can be prevented.  This program covers the recent scientific findings on lifestyle behaviours and choices that can significantly decrease the risk of getting cancer or having a cancer recurrence. Participants can take action NOW to protect themselves and their families.

Sleep Apnea: What You Need to Know

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious unrecognized safety issue in our workplaces and worksites, often associated with memory loss, brain fog, balance issues, hypertension, and diabetes.

“Insomnia won’t kill you, but OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) eventually will.”
– Ryerson Sleep and Depression Clinic

Expressive Writing for Health Management

Expressing thoughts and emotions through journaling can be healing for body, mind, and soul. Clinical trials show that expressive writing about daily experiences can improve troublesome symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain and fatigue. This guided writing process is an effective tool for health promotion through creating change in our perceptions of illness and health challenges.

Chris' Expertise

Chris Carruthers, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. exemplifies energy, knowledge, and professionalism. She has a graduate degree in Coaching and Exercise Physiology and a PhD in Integrative Healthcare.

For over thirty years, Chris has been helping people recover from illness. She is most well known for her education in the fields of chronic disease management and integrative cancer care. Her most popular work is the Sleep Well Tonight program, which has helped thousands of people improve their sleep at night and their energy during the day.

For everyone she serves, Chris uses the integrative health approach, that combines the best systems of medicine, practitioners, and practices into a personalized healing plan that considers all aspects of the individual.

What Hiring Professionals Are Saying

“Chris is extremely knowledgeable in the area of Insomnia and Sleep Apnea. She has a warm, interactive teaching style that was very much appreciated by attendees. We look forward to booking her as a speaker again soon.”

“As ATB’s Corporate Wellness Manager, I knew that ‘get more sleep’ was one of our top 4 wellness goals year after year.  After attending a presentation by Dr Chris, I was inspired to design an ATB-wide wellness challenge all about sleep health, and was lucky to connect and collaborate with her on building our Sleep-Fest 2015 and 2016 events.  The feedback after the first challenge was excellent so we decided to do it again the following year.  

With Chris’s scientific and academic expertise and her years of hands-on experience, the content and activities were both effective and popular.  We had one of the very best making sure that we provided the best possible information to our team members. My favourite part of working with Chris was learning to translate the research into simple ways that we can make real changes and see results.  Getting more sleep is one of the very best ways to improve your overall wellness, health, happiness and productivity.”  

Chris has been a regular contributor to our PROSTAID Calgary organization. At her most recent presentation … she had no less than 70 men and women attend. We typically have between 40 and 60 in attendance. … It speaks to the popularity and importance of her presentation. Chris is highly valued by our members and a good friend of PROSTAID Calgary. We give her our unqualified recommendation.”

“I know you did a phenomenal amount of work and I suggest you pull your research review into an article.”

“Chris’ commitment to her personal and professional growth and her passion and dedication to her work make her a valuable asset to the workplace and an inspiration to others.”

“Chris speaks with authority… is passionate about her subject and sensitive to the needs and interests of her audience… highly engaging and interactive.”  

“Chris was aware of our medical knowledge base and gave us excellent presentations. Chris is empathetic, organized and friendly. We enjoyed her enthusiastic presence and would highly recommend her expertise and speaking ability on these complicated subjects.”

What Audience Members and Clients Are Saying

(Names are removed for privacy and confidentiality)

“You helped me with two things, and I am so grateful.  You helped me understand that this was fixable, and you gave me a simple plan to execute.  I woke up just before my alarm and felt great about the day to come.  This is a game-changer.”  

“Chris made this scientific information very understandable.”

“Chris is honest and uses humour often.  She genuinely cares about our situation and our journey.”

“I found Chris to be enthusiastic, realistic and effective. Chris has a valuable sum of qualities that makes her a sought after consultant.”

“You are to be given tons of support for future events.”

“I was impressed.  Chris was extremely knowledgeable, very pleasant, warm and kind… and helped me weed out the good evidence from the bad.” 

“Chris was fabulous – warm, open, insightful, knowledgeable and trustworthy!  The pertinent questions asked were incredibly helpful.”

“Working with Dr. Carruthers as my strategist has allowed me to approach sleep in a new way. I feel that I am rewired and now expect to sleep when I go to bed instead of the opposite. Being able to routinely sleep at night is a gift.”

“I found the rituals really valuable… it’s easy to get to sleep quickly… I’m thinking my brain is starting to work better.”

Who Has Trusted Chris to Speak?

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