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Dr. Chris Carruthers is an engaging educator who has helped thousands of people with heart disease, cancer, depression, and chronic pain improve their sleep through her popular Sleep Well Tonight program.  Her patients say that she exemplifies knowledge, energy, and most of all, compassion.  In all her work, Chris uses the integrative health approach, which combines all the best practices, practitioners, and systems of medicine into a personalized healing plan that honors all aspects of your individuality.

Chris is most well-known for her consultation in the field of Integrative Cancer Care, spirituality and chronic disease, and her special area of interest, sleep health.  She has presented at numerous prestigious conferences and her clients encompass educational institutions, healthcare, and the corporate sector.  She has a BSc in Kinesology, a MSc in Coaching and Exercise Physiology, and a PhD in Integrative Healthcare and Energy Medicine.   The focus of her doctoral research, ”Expressive Writing about Personal Trauma:  Self Reported Health Changes and Subject Characteristics,” related to health benefits and symptom changes with the deceptively simple and profoundly effective use of expressive writing.

She has a deep understanding of chronic pain, energetic dysfunction, and the challenges and gifts inherent in illness.  At the age of 38, in the prime of her family life and career, Chris became ill for several years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which led her to a broad exploration of complementary therapies and their effective integration with conventional care.  She has now regained optimal health, and her purpose is to share her experience and learning with others.

Chris has one daughter, Danielle, 30, and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She enjoys tennis, skiing, tai chi, and ballroom dance in her leisure hours.